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The Dual Options trading application has been designed and built to be a class apart by incorporating features within it following extensive research. It is highly unconventional and embraced by trading experts from all over the world. Our application befits the requirements of professional traders due to its robust features and is programmed to deliver a glitch-free trading experience. Our cross-platform applications can help to enhance your trading performance without missing out on opportunities.

Available on Mobile devices

Available on Mobile devices

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Instant execution

Execute orders and transactions within fractions of seconds and make the most out of your trades.

Trading history

View your trading history and plan your strategies accordingly for your future trades.

On the go trading

Our cross-platform applications help you to stay connected with your trades even while you are on the move.

Getting started

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Get our options mobile application from Google Play Store


Create a demo account. Practice with virtual money in a real-market scenario


Invest and Start Trading Live

Start trading with $10:

The trading in the dual options starts with a minimal amount of $10 per time framework for each trading instruments. A trader can invest upto $500 in a contract per timeframe.

Definite Risk & Return:

The risk and the return of the dual options is defined. The total amount a trader has invested in the trade is the only risk, he/she has to bear. Similarly, the payout ratio is 60%, indicating a defined return.

Trade with Analysis:

Dual options provides a trading opportunity for investors to trade after undergoing technical as well as fundamental analysis. Through the fundamental analysis, traders can get to know about the various events that affects the price of the commodities. Similarly, the price trend of the commodities over a certain time period to help traders make decisions regarding taking a call or put option.

Limited Trading Cost:

The commission in Dual Options Trader is only 5 percent per trade, minimizing the trading cost.

No Spread Risks:

There is only a single price in options because of which there is no chance of spread risk. The trader can trade only in a sole price, so there is no difference in bid and ask price, which eliminate the spread of the commodity, as a result there is zero spread risk in option.

No Margin Call:

The defined loss on the dual options trader completely eliminates the risk of negative balance on a traders’ account. This leads to no margin call to the trader on any kind of market situation.

Tested and Proven Trading System:

The trading system is tested and free from technological glitches, providing hassle-free trading across both android devices and iOS devices. The trading platform is tested on a variety of android devices and iOS devices.

Multiple Time Interval Choice:

There is an availability of charts at various time intervals like T1, M1, M5, M10, M15, M30, H1, D1, W1 in the Dual Options Trader. With this, the trader gets to plan the trend in the options and with this they can take the position.

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