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Why Forex Trading with Dual Options Trader?

You can stay ahead of the curve with the forex trading at Dual Options!

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

At Dual Options, you can maximize your potential with a simple pricing that’s competitive, reliable and fully transparent.

Global Trading Opportunities

Trade the global forex markets and gain via immediate developments driving the global economy.

Professional Platforms

We have designed the dual options platform with the sole objective of meeting all the evolving demands of the trader.

Impeccable & Quality Customer Support

Our client support offers impeccable and timely service to garner your trust and confidence when you trade.

Contract Specification
Product Symbol Contract Unit Contract Size Instrument Type Initial Margin Tick Size Tick Value Buy Storage % Sell Storage % Contract Month
AUDUSD AUDUSD Currency 100000 Exotic Currencies 1000 0.0001 10 -0.2 -1.7 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
EURUSD EURUSD Currency 100000 Currency 2000 0.0001 10 -1.7 0 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
GBPUSD GBPUSD Currency 100000 Currency 1000 0.0001 10 -1.2 0 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
USDCAD USDCAD Currency 100000 Currency 1000 0.0001 Vary -1 -1.8 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
USDCHF USDCHF Currency 100000 Currency 2000 0.0001 Vary 0 -1.8 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
USDJPY USDJPY Currency 100000 Currency 1000 0.01 Vary 0 -2 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
Spot Metals
Gold Spot XAUUSD Troy Ounce 100 Metal - Spot 2000 0.01 1 -2.2 -1 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days
Silver Spot XAGUSD Troy Ounce 5000 Metal - Spot 2000 0.01 50 -2 -1 Spot - T+1 - Max. 360 Days


Trading Hours
Currencies Session 1 Session 2
00:00:00 - 23:59:59 GMT
Spot Metals 00:00:00 - 21:00:00 GMT 22:00:00 - 23:59:59 GMT
Trading Days Monday-Friday

Introduction to the currency trading fundamentals

Currency trading offers a number of advantages like high liquidity, easiness to trade and 24 hours trading facility. This led to its popularity since the last decade or so.

24 hours trading facility:

The currency trading market allows 24 hour trading facility for 5 days a week, except for certain period of market halt. Trading is uninterrupted between the trading hours for all currency pairs.

High liquidity:

The currency trading market offers more liquidity than any other financial market as it is highly accessible to the market participants-buyers and sellers worldwide leading to the maximum trading volume.

Dual Trading Mechanism:

Currency trading market allows dual trading mechanisms providing options to trade even if the market is at bull or at bear, unlike other financial markets where there is difficulty to sell short. If the trader thinks that the price of currency will increase in the future, he can buy it. If he thinks it will fall, the trader can sell it.

Commodity Trading

Commodity Trading is a market that trades commodities such as gold and silver which gives the trader an opportunity to predict the direction of such commodities with the help of option. An option allows a trader to trade the commodities market without actually holding an underlying instrument and which have fixed expiry times. The outcomes of options trading are determined by the direction of an asset as compared to the strike price.

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