How to Catch That Runaway Market Trend

Posted on 11th December 2018

Runaway market trend is a simple, strong and confirmed trend with a clue of the defined pattern, which may be bullish or bearish. This kind of trend usually occurs approximately before five percent price change in either of the direction and reverse to the running trend direction. Generally, runaway gap is formed just before the runaway trend and sometimes, this is also called as perfect trend. With the recognition of such trend on real-time, a trader may avail the profit in the account, therefore, attracting the attention of the forex trader. However, there are ways to catch the runaway market trend.

Trading is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Posted on 25th October 2018

A marathon race is the outcome of years of dedication, training, commitment, mental and physical health, etc. It requires an individuals’ continuous commitment. Thus, an individual requires a long-term vision before taking the journey. The thing is the same with trading.

How Beginner Traders Can Fast-Track Their Success

Posted on 16th October 2018

For a trader, defining the trading success is critical. Most novice traders feel that success in trading means accumulating more money and a lot of times, the definition revolves around making money really fast. But an experienced trader will tell you that the trading success is developing effective habits that enable you to grow throughout time. The secret, most successful trader share is that, successful trading is about preparing and following the trading plan and correcting the trading tactics.

5 Questions to Stop You From Making an Impulsive Trade

Posted on 21st September 2018

If you ask a trader about their trades, most would probably agree with the fact that their impulse sometimes overtakes their intellect, which, a lot of times, ruins the trade. The trading done by a trader is affected by their impulsive behaviour which usually lacks farsightedness. Such impulsive trades are usually made on a whim often lacking analysis and only based on hopes of earning.

How To Learn From Trading Mistakes And Pick Up Healthy Trading Habits?

Posted on 10th September 2018

While the novice traders are more likely to encounter trading mistakes, even the most qualified traders falter from time to time. Looking at the statistics on the trade in commodities, you would find that the majority of the people have lost money while trading because of the common blunders they make. Making mistakes while trading is not bad at all, but not learning from the same mistake and repeating it is the slip that people must avoid. Some of the trading mistakes that most traders make are as follows:

Success Story: Winklevoss Twins

Posted on 22nd August 2018

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, best known as Winklevoss twins, are crypto investors, American Olympians, and entrepreneurs. The twins were born in New York on August 21, 1981, and were raised in Greenwich.

How you could use the economic changes to win the Forex Market?

Posted on 16th August 2018

The Forex market, which continuously operates 24 hours for 5 days in a week, is highly driven by the multiple economic indicators from the major economy. The economic indicators are released by the government or by some private organizations that look deep into the economic performance of the country. Reports generated through such indicators critically examine the economy which indicates whether the country’s economy is on a surge or slump. The economic state of the country and the current events are the most widely used economic indicators while trading Forex markets. Thus, a forex trader has to keep a sharp eye on the economic reforms and regulations to calculate its impact and make substantial profits. When a country booms in production, trade and other economic affairs, its currency value rises; On the contrary, when a country suffers from political imbroglio, unemployment, and inflation, its currency performs poorly in the market. Some of the indicators that serve as a significant instrument to measure the fluctuations of the Forex are as follows:

Cryptocurrency's impact on the global economy

Posted on 09th August 2018

The introduction of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was done in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto in an attempt to create a virtual currency. As it became to come into use, the decentralized and autonomous qualities of the bitcoin attracted investors in its early years after development. By 2010, the cryptocurrency became widely known and currently, its value is taking a sharp uptrend. The ability to revolutionize the entire economic structure of the world has led to the massive growth and development of cryptocurrencies over the years. In today’s society, more people are turning towards the digital transaction through some kind of virtual currency. With the acceptance of bitcoin by the major economies, the future of cryptocurrencies is predicted to be prosperous. There are various impacts of the development of cryptocurrency on the international economy.

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